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Bathing suits are what kind of fabrics to the manufacturing.
Aug 05, 2016

Swimsuits generally in contact with water, do not slack, not inflated textile is made.
Most common swimwear fabrics are divided into the following three types:
1, DuPont Lycra swimwear than ordinary swimsuits have longer service life of the materials more suitable for one-piece swimsuit.
2 swimsuits, nylon fabric is moderately priced, compared with DuPont Lycra bathing suits, of course, a solid enough, but flexibility and softness is equal to, is now one of the most common uses of the most common type of swimsuit fabrics.
3, swimwear elastic polyester fabric, restricted, and belongs to the low-priced products, are generally designed to split a swimsuit, not suitable for one-piece swimsuit.

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