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Bathing suits must be worn indoors or outdoors in winter.
Oct 13, 2018

Bathing suits must be worn indoors or outdoors in winter.

What to wear in a hot spring is a different choice for people of different genders and ages. For men, just choose mens swimwear. If you're a woman, just choose a swimsuit that fits your body type and color. If you're older, just pick a conservative suit. Additional warm hint is the water of hot spring is above 40 degrees commonly, can bring about swimsuit flexibility to cause damage, want to buy some of quality to be better certainly.

Before bathing in hot spring, it is best to know the type of hot spring first. According to the water quality classification, hot spring is generally divided into neutral carbonate spring, basic sodium bicarbonate spring, salt spring and sulfur spring. Different water quality of hot spring has different curative effect on different diseases. If all sorts of composition have pure spring, have convalescent effect to neuralgia, rheumatism, skin disease to wait; carbonated springs containing carbon dioxide are good for treating high blood pressure and heart disease.


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