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What's the difference between diving trunks, long swimming trunks and winter swimming trunks?
Nov 23, 2018

Wetsuit: the same material as the wetsuit is used for insulation by reducing the amount of circulating water on the surface of the body. Commonly multi-purpose what rubber does, the material that resembles winter swimsuit is qualitative, it is the length of 5 minutes pants normally, pants canal arrives knee, basically prevent reef cut.

Long trunks: similar to a shark swimsuit, usually up to the ankle. Made from scythe fabrics and special water-based fabrics, these fabrics are hollow, which makes your bathing suit lighter, faster, and more sensitive to movement and flexibility without any resistance to speed.

Winter swimming trunks: suitable for swimming in northern winter. The material is thicker than normal swimming trunks and long swimming trunks. It is made of the materials used in diving suits.


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