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What kind of bathing suit colors and patterns to suit your
Aug 05, 2016

What kind of bathing suit colors and patterns to suit your
Selected swimwear look at color, swimwear colors to highlight body and form the skin overall tone is very important.
Black and white for any skin tone, compared to the two, black is more practical, and insurance, it can be the right sizes of deficiencies, and white swimsuit figure is very high. Was Sun Sun into Brown of skin, should be match warm Department swimming clothing, as red, and orange color and more color of mixed,; skin white of people with cold color best, as blue, and green and warm Department in the of deep pink,, but do don't with light of color, as pink, because light light gray of color makes colour is pale weak, lack angry and power. If you are in shape slender beauties can consider the patterned bathing suit, the Visual looks more plump. In contrast, beauty in body fat, smaller pattern and plain bathing suits would be a better choice. Flower patterned swimsuit, allows you to pool feel like a gorgeous clear, thin in shape girl is icing on the cake. Animal pattern is the pattern of recent popular and buxom women not to choose piece style full of flowers, you can select pattern according to size and net-mosaic design, keep up with trends, but also can play the modified shape results.

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